From large malls to small specialty shops, bistros to local breweries, and factory outlets to art galleries – the Creative Corridor has it all.

With the support of entrepreneurs and our small business ecosystem, new shops and galleries are popping up throughout our region. Pedestrian malls, eclectic neighborhoods, and city squares now feature “hand crafted,” “custom printed,” and “locally grown” products for you to browse and window shop.

The Creative Corridor practically invented the farm-to-table movement, and our seasonal Farmers Markets bring an abundance of fruits, vegetables and baked goods straight to the streets of our downtowns.  These ingredients have helped feed a foodie revolution, introducing a wide variety of local and international cuisine, from casual to elegant.  Our traditions live on, too, like the restaurants in the Amana Colonies, world famous for their plentiful, traditional German dishes, served family style.

Cupcakes and chocolate.  Award winning wines, spirits and beers.  Food trucks and food festivals.  Our affordable cost of living makes all of this more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll appreciate a relaxed atmosphere that lets you savor what you find.