Iowa’s Creative Corridor offers personal and professional development opportunities at all levels.  Our region’s commitment to education has built a framework of interconnected programs through professional groups, non-profits and higher education.

You’ll find weekend and evening MBA programs, accelerated and accredited classes for professional development, along with monthly speaker series and workshops.  Young professionals can plug in to corporate and chamber sponsored groups, including ImpactCR and EPIC, to build networks, discover passions, and root themselves in the community.  Plus, our annual, homegrown NextGen Summit and Workforce Revolution conferences continue to grow in attendance and popularity.

Many of our communities offer community leadership programs highlighting issues and challenges in the Corridor.  After attending monthly sessions covering topics from education to agriculture and government to healthcare, graduates are encouraged to seek important roles on local boards and commissions, as well as elected positions.

Our employers and communities continue to evolve due in large part to the professional growth opportunities in Iowa’s Creative Corridor. Just pick your path, set your pace, and you’re on your way to career advancement and personal fulfillment.