Who We Are & What We Do
MetaCommunications develops productivity software for marketing MetaCommunicationsand creative teams around the world.  We are currently building our next generation of applications, attending and showcasing in several events nationwide, and supporting a rapidly growing customer base.

There has never been a better time to join our team and make an impact with your work.  We have opportunities in nearly every department.

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We offer an excellent benefits package, competitive salary, opportunities for professional growth, and an entrepreneurial work environment.

Workplace Atmosphere
Our customers fill creative roles; in order to design the best solutions for them we believe the workplace needs to inspire creativity and innovation.  So we are excited to be moving to the heart of downtown Iowa City, in the brand new Park@201 building.  There is no better location that fits our company’s culture, variety of personalities, and growth initiatives.







Check Out Our New View from Downtown Iowa City!
We are proud to be part of the growing Iowa City community and wanted to invite everyone in on the action, so we installed webcams at our new headquarters.

Why We Work
Our software delivers end-to-end project management to take the busy work out of people’s days in order to give them more freedom to create.  Check out the power of our software, Workgroups DaVinci:

MetaCommunications was founded in 1991 and has thousands of customers worldwide.  We also have an office in St. Petersburg, Russia.