Pearson is the world’s leading education company, providing educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services to teachers and students of all ages.

Though we generate approximately 60 percent of our sales in North America, we operate in more than 70 countries.

Working at Pearson

When you talk to people at Pearson, you will sense tremendous dedication: We enjoy doing work that matters—for our nation’s students, teachers, and educational leaders. To us, every student is important, and it shows with our unflinching commitment to every task, project, and outcome as if it affects our own sons or daughters.

At Pearson, we’re also very serious about the responsibility we have for nurturing our people. We are proud of our working environment where people are treated as individuals. Each and every one of our people is valued and we are flexible in meeting the special needs of each individual that works with us.  We are committed to helping our people realize their potential and fulfill their ambitions through mentoring programs and supporting the sharing of ideas and learning from each other. That’s what makes Pearson a great place to work.

We are also proud of our support for a happy work-life balance. Pearson offers employee benefits including flexible vacation and personal time-off, health care, help lines, family friendly policies and programs, and retirement and profit-sharing options. It is this dedication that has helped Pearson, to be recognized by Working Mother magazine for its ability to attract and keep people with family responsibilities.